Kill Odor Plus

Chemspec’s Kill Odor Plus quickly penetrates urine salts and oils, safe for use on stain-resistant and wool carpet!


Chemspec’s Kill Odor Plus – Highly effective deodorizer with aggressive surfactants and odor counteractants. Also useful as a traffic lane cleaner to neutralize urine and other organic odors in carpet. Ideal for residential, health care and educational settings. Especially effective on urine odors – highly recommended as a cleaner and odor control product for restrooms.

Here’s how this complex 2-in-1 formula does the job:
First, the anionic surfactants in Kill Odor Plus rapidly reduce the surface tension of carpet fiber and hard surface floor coverings, allowing the formula to quickly penetrate into the surface where it can get to work releasing and suspending the oily soils.
Next, the solvents within Kill Odor Plus quickly emulsify all oily soils typically found in traffic lanes and suspend them for easy removal from the floor covering when the rinse step is added.
Lastly, not only does Kill Odor Plus remove tough soiling, but it also combats tough odors. It’s not a masking agent, by the way. It bonds to malodors at the molecular level and kills them dead! All that’s left behind is a delightful spring fresh fragrance.
Kill Odor Plus is the best choice as a traffic lane pre-conditioner, general-purpose spotter, and urine odor neutralizer. Kill Odor Plus is also an excellent choice for hard surface restroom cleanup. You can use it mop floors and get rid of odors that may have soaked into the pores and crevices of the hard surface.


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